Connors State College Livestock Judging Team Year-End Report

Connors State College Livestock Judging Team Year-End Report

The Connors State College Livestock Judging Team has had a very busy schedule this year. The team has spent many hours and miles on the road experiencing essential workouts in preparation for the numerous contests, the team has competed across the country. The Livestock Judging Team finished the year especially strong with a pair of top-five finishes at San Antonio and Houston, along with a team win at the KLR Field Day in April. To add leverage, both Zane Webster and Cassi Allread were named All-Americans for excellence in both judging competition and academic excellence. The team is led by coaches, Clint Mefford and Blake Nelson.

The sophomore’s kicked off their season at the American Royal, where the team placed 6th. Individual results are as followed: Zane Webster, 5th overall. Zane had a short remark about his achievement: “I’m really happy with how I did and I’m proud of how hard our team has worked thus far and I give all the glory to God.”

            The team then traveled to Louisville to compete at the North American International Livestock Exposition, where they placed 10th in the closest junior college contest in recent years. Individual achievements: Zane Webster 6th in cattle. Allison Tarvin was 8th in sheep. Team was 3rd in performance cattle.

Both the freshman and sophomores experienced a hectic and crucial 10-day winter workout after the conclusion of the fall semester. They traveled to many different operations and talked a number of reasons to highly respected individuals in the livestock industry. The team rounded out their workout at the Griswold Cattle Company Classic, where the highest placing team stood 3rd. Allison Tarvin was 3rd high individual.

The freshman and sophomores traveled a long distance to Phoenix, Arizona to compete at the Arizona Nationals. Both teams had a fantastic day, which was highlighted by the sophomores 1st place victory in the Junior College contest and the freshman finishing 2nd in the novice division. Cassi Allread was high individual overall. Paydon Kautzman was 3rd high individual. Jordan Moubry was 4th high individual. Zane Webster was high individual in reasons. The team was high in all species.

During the team’s preparation for Denver, they competed at the OSU Mock Contest and Willow Springs Classic. At Willow Springs the team placed 2nd and Allison Tarvin was 2nd high individual. The team then traveled to Denver to compete at the National Western. At this contest, they were 9th place team, Zane Webster was 5th in sheep, and Allison Tarvin was 8th in swine and 8th high individual overall.

The Connors State College Livestock Judging Team had a successful rebound at the San Antonio Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Contest and was named the 3rd high team overall. Connors was also the 2nd high team in swine, 3rd high team sheep and the 4th high team in oral reasons. Zane Webster was 5th in cattle and 9th high individual overall. Bryce Hauenstein was 4th in goats, 10th in sheep, 10th in swine and 4th high individual overall. Wyatt Smith was 8th in goats, 3rd in sheep, 5th in swine and was the 11th high individual overall. Not to mention Jordan Moubry was the 2nd high individual overall in sheep.

At Houston, Connors Livestock Judging Team students Cassi Allread and Zane Webster were 2 of the 15 recipients named to the 2014-2015 Junior College All American Team, for achievements in both livestock judging competition and academic excellence. This is the highest honor bestowed among livestock judging contestants.

Individually, Zane Webster was the 8th High Individual Overall, 3rd in goats, 10th in placing’s. Jordan Moubry was 8th in placing’s. Moreover Bryce Hauenstein tied for 10th high individual overall, and was 5th in sheep & goats. The team finished 5th overall in a close contest and was also the 3rd high team in cattle, placing’s and sheep & goats.

Finally, Connors capped the year off with a close win over NEO at the annual KLR Field Day, hosted by Regent Link and family. Chance Brooks, Jordan Moubry, Justin Jensen, Wyatt Smith and Morgan Cook all finished within the top ten individually at the all cattle contest.

Coach Clint Mefford and the team members would like to say thank you to all the farms, ranches, and individuals who have helped us on our journey this year. Along with a very special thanks to Blake Nelson for his years of unrivaled leadership and dedication to the program. We look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence with our upcoming sophomore team this fall.