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Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller

Wildlife / Natural Resources Instructor


Phone: (918) 463-6320

Office Location: Education Building, Room 143

Being from the small town of Hitchita, Oklahoma, Brandon Miller has always found Natural Resources to be an important part of everyone’s everyday life in the United States and especially in Oklahoma. Having grown up with an Agricultural background raising cattle, showing livestock, shooting competitively, and being actively involved in 4-H and FFA, Brandon has had the opportunity to spread concern for the Natural Resources and plans to further spread concern for those things through effective teaching methods, class discussions, and personal student interaction.

By effectively communicating  and discussing these topics in Ecology of Natural Resources (NREM 2013), Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM 1012), and Natural History (NREM 1014) students will have a much better understanding of the problems we face today and could face in the near future if our Natural Resources are not managed in a sustainable manner.