Cowgirls Fall Short at Seminole

Cowgirls Fall Short at Seminole

The Connors State Cowgirls droped a hard fought battle on Monday evning on Dixie Woodall Court to OCAC opponent Seminole State College Belles 52-46. The Cowgirls started off the game firing on all cylinders leading 12-11 after the 1st quarter, but a bad second quarter found the Cowgirls trailing the Belles 29-14 at intermission. 

"I felt we had a descent start, but then had a horrible second quarter, where we allowed them to have to many second chance points and easy baskets off a turnovers," said Head Cowgirl Coach Jamie Fisher. 

The Cowgirls came out after half cutting the deficit to 9 points within a matter of two minites when Seminole took a time out only finding themselves leading 29-23. The Cowgirls cut the Seminole lead all the way to 1 with a 43-42 Seminole advantage in the 4th quarter. Until a big three pointer by Seminole State guard Walker helped give the Belles the cushion they needed to finish the game with a 52-46 victory over the Cowgirls. 

"I felt we really came out second half and competed, and doing all the little things that gave us an opportunity to have a chance to win the game." said Fisher. "Basketball is a game of possesions, and i felt like we were one or two possesion away from sneaking out of there with a win, but unfortunatly it didn't fall that way." 

The Cowgirls were lead in scoring by sophomore forward Jasmyn Taylor, who had 14 pointsl 18 rebounds, 3 blocked shots on the evening followed by freshman forward Kionce' Woods who added 11 points and 5 rebounds. The Cowgirls will be in action again on Thursday Feb. 11 at 5:30 pm as NOC Tonkawa travels to Warner. 

"I felt like we really competed and have to find a way to bounce back and defeat Tonkawa on Thursday so we can get back in the swing of things," said Fisher.